Center Stage Games

Located right next to Pho Lee Hoa Phat

Store Hours
Tue-Fri: 3:00pm-9:30pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm-9:30pm

We Host Events for TCGs (Trading Card Games) and Video Games!

Events for May 2019

Tue: Super Smash Bro. Ultimate @ 7pm
Sigh Ups @6:30pm
Pairings Up @ 7:20pm
Round Starts @ 7:30pm

Wiess Schwarz @ 8pm

Dragon Ball Super @ 7pm

Dragon Ball Super @ 3pm
Pokemon @ 3pm

Sun: Cardfight Vanguard Standard @ 2pm
Cardfight Vanguard Premium@ 6pm
Final Fantasy @ 7pm

UPDATE: 5/30/18
June will be introducing new events for the shop! We just added Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Super to our list of events and product line, so please check them out! We’ll be doing workshops on how to play, so stay tune for more details! Store hours have changed a bit. Since this store is more focused on hosting events, we’re trying to make it where there’s always something happening every day!

UPDATE: 5/1/18
Lots of work needs to be done at the shop (physically) and in the social media department. Over time, we’ll have some YouTube content that will hopefully inform and entertain our viewers.

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